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Multiple Player Sign Up Discounts

* NOTE: If registering more than one child use the DISCOUNT CODE:  2SIBLING to get $ 50.00 OFF and if registering three total kids use the DISCOUNT CODE:  3SIBLING for $ 100.00 OFF the three total registrations.

Mifflin County Youth Baseball Information


Mifflin County Youth Baseball is a proud member of Cal Ripkin Baseball, A division of Babe Ruth League, Inc. Mifflin County Youth Baseball is centered in Lewistown, PA 17044.

Any player that lives in Mifflin County between the ages of 6 -12 years old can sign up and play for Mifflin County Youth Baseball. Mifflin County Youth Baseball has many fields available that our local youths can play on. For any questions please reach out via text, facebook, website or a phone call. 

Josh Snook

Mifflin County Youth Baseball, League President

Phone: 717 953-8930