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Friday, 18 April 2008 06:12

The Mifflin County Youth Baseball Board of Directors passed an anti-tobacco resolution. It's things like this that make me extremely proud to me a member of a group that is truly committed not only to its players and Little League baseball, but the health and safety of its participants. We recently installed out first safety plan, as well as having coaches attend a first aid clinic. Now we've installed an anti-tobacco policy.
We ask everyone to consider the resolution. Tobacco use is an individual decision, provided you are of legal age. However, we are asking that spectators please keep at least 25 yards distance from our players and any spectators in attendance. We can only ask, not require.
It reads as follows:
The MCYB Board of Directors recognizes that there is ample research demonstrating the health hazards of the use of tobacco products, including smoking and breathing of secondhand smoke, and its responsibility to the players and participants to demonstrate and teach acceptable health principles. The MCYB Board of Directors, therefore in the best interest of the health and safety of the players, participants, and general public, directs the development of the following regulations:
The Mifflin County Youth Baseball Board of Directors discourages tobacco use within 25 yards of any MCYB-affiliated activity involving youth players
This policy shall be established to:
1) Further the goal of consistency among ongoing school and community programs to discourage children from using tobacco products;
2) Promote health and encourage players to adopt healthy lifestyles;
3) Reflect and emphasize the hazards of tobacco use;
4) Promote the health and safety of players, coaches, and the general public;
5) Eliminate the mixed messages that children receive through tobacco advertising and its association with sporting events; and
6) Generate respect among players for league authority, thereby improving discipline by virtue of its application to coaches, officials, players, and the general public.
Thank you for considering this resolution. We want Mifflin County Youth Baseball to be a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Thanks for reading and enjoy the games!