2014 Farm League Rules
Sunday, 03 March 2013 00:00

2014 Mifflin County Youth Baseball Minor B ( FARM) Rules

1) Machine pitches ALL 6 innings for the first half of the season and the First 4 innings with Player pitching 2 innings the second half of season. ( During player pitch a pitcher can throw 1 inning per game or max pitch count Whichever comes first )

2) Six innings or 2 hr time limit per game. (Umpire is sole decider of the exact time the game starts) (NO INNING CAN BE STARTED AFTER THE 2 HOUR LIMIT IS UP NO EXCEPTIONS )

3) Four ( 4 ) runs maximum per inning

4) Mercy Rule will be in effect 10 run role after 4 complete innings


1. There will be a five-foot radius circle around the machine

2. Power cords MUST be covered with a mat

3. Positioning of the machine is to be set at the beginning of the game and NOT changed thereafter ( Unless deemed necessary by the umpire )

4. One umpire should be used for each Game

5. Home team is responsible for finding a Neutral party to umpire in case an official umpire is not available

Machine Pitch Rules

1. Machine should be set at # 4 setting

2. Five ( 5 ) Hittable Pitches OR Three ( 3 ) Swinging strikes

3. If 5th Hittable pitch is fouled off it will be Ruled as a NO-PITCH


5. NO STEALING OF ANY BASES ( No Exceptions )


7. If batted ball hits machine or lands within the machine circle it is ruled a single, runners advance 1 base If batted ball hits the mat covering the cord it is a “DEAD BALL”

8. If thrown ball hits machine or lands in the machine circle Ruled a” DEAD BALL” runners may NOT Advance one base

9. The pitcher position – Player must start even with the rubber to the left or right with one foot touching the circle

10. There is NO infield fly rule

11. A hit batter is a NO PITCH

12. In case of rain or malfunction:

A) Umpires have the sole discretion as to the safety issues concerning machine use due to rain or malfunction.

B) If the machine cannot be used at the start of the game, a four ( 4 ) inning game should be played with a COACH or MANAGER pitching the entire game for the first half of the season, the 2nd half of the season it would be Coach or Manager will pitch 2 innings and players pitch 2 innings.

C) If the machine has started the game but due to rain or machine malfunction the machine cannot finish its scheduled innings Coaches or Managers must finish the machines time pitching and if in the 2nd half of season players will pitch the last 2 innings. ( UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD THE GAME LAST MORE THAN ( 6 ) INNIINGS

Rule Exception

1 .Regular rules apply with the following exceptions




1. Pitchers may only pitch ( 1 ) inning per game or Little league pitch count whichever comes first


3. Continuous Batting order MUST be followed though-out the entire game ( NO EXCEPTIONS ) Once you bat through your batting order in one inning the inning is over


We are changing the format of the game for the farm league. We are going to be playing the game as many other leagues play as well as the 7 & 8 year old tournament games are played.

1. ALL teams will be taking the field using FOUR ( 4 ) Out- Fielders. Each team will field a total of 10 Players ( Any team that can’t field at least 9 players should re-schedule game ) NO GAME SHALL BE PLAYED WITH LESS THAN 9 PLAYERS !!

2. A line will be placed on each base line Half-way between each base , When a ball is hit to the out-field and is thrown into the infield the player will raise his/her hand ( Raising of hand is Preferred but optional ) ( The player MUST have control of the ball, and makes no attempt on the batter and be in the Infield dirt ) and the play is considered over and all base runners must go to the closest base to them ( if they cross the line between bases they advance to the next base if the line is not crossed they return to the previous base). All Base running advances are determined by the lead runner if 2 consecutive bases are occupied.

Bat Info 2014
Sunday, 03 March 2013 00:00

Please refer to the Little League website for a listing of approved bats before you make that purchase.


Coaches are responsible for assuring legal bats are used and NO ILLEGAL BATS get used.

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